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Why We Need BarleyGreen

Today, reports on the health benefits of fresh vegetables appear in the news every week. That's because fresh vegetables contain health-promoting nutrients not found in any other type of food. They supply our body with the essential nutrients to efficiently run our cellular metabolism, build healthy tissue and protect us from free-radicals and other toxins.

Research has shown that we should consume five or more servings of fresh vegetables and fruits every day to stay healthy but people in industrialized countries find it difficult to do so. Daily consumption of BarleyGreen is a convenient and effective way to make sure we get the nutrients found in fresh vegetables. Even diets rich in vegetable and fruits may still be lacking in nutrients since comparative analyses have shown that present day commercially grown produce contains significantly fewer levels of nutrients than produce grown before the wide-spread use of pesticides and herbicides. Although research has identified numerous beneficial phytochemicals in edible plants, scientists predict that there may be thousands of health-promoting compounds yet to be discovered. Cereal grasses like barley grass are considered to be the foundation of our food chain and contain the nutrition necessary to maintain health in both animals and humans.

BarleyGreen is a Phytonutrient Rich Complete Food

Green Foods' Processing Captures Barley Grass Nutrients

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BarleyGreen is a Phytonutrient Rich Complete Food
Why We Need BarleyGreen
Green Foods' Processing Captures Barley Grass Nutrients
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