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The Difference Processing Makes

  • Organic cultivation.
  • Rapid processing.
  • Gentle juice extraction.
  • Insoluble fiber is removed.
  • Juice is spray-dried to protect the nutrients and enzymes.
  • The powder is granulated for solubility.
Cold Water Test for Fiber
  • Mix powders in test tubes filled with cold water, stir and leave sit for 10 minutes.
  • BarleyGreen stays in solution, while other powders with insoluble fiber will settle to the bottom.
Hot Water Test for Enzymes
  • Mix powders in test tubes filled with hot water.
  • The proteins in BarleyGreen clump up because they are intact proteins; other dissolves proteins area already denatured. Enzymes are proteins and exhibit activity only if they contain intact proteins..

Green Foods' Processing Captures Barley Grass Nutrients

Known Benefits of BarleyGreen

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Green Foods' Processing Captures Barley Grass Nutrients
The Difference Processing Makes
Known Benefits of BarleyGreen

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