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Q & A

Making BarleyGreen

Is the barley organically grown?
What does BarleyGreen do for you?
Does it contain any caffeine?

Explaining Barleygreen

What are enzymes good for?
How do you protect the enzymes?
Why is kelp added to BarleyGreen?

Taking BarleyGreen

How do you take BarleyGreen?
What are enzymes good for?
Why is kelp added to BarleyGreen?

Keeping Barleygreen

Will BarleyGreen stay fresh after opening?
Where should I store BarleyGreen?
How long does it retain its value?

Diet & BarleyGreen

Is BarleyGreen good for losing weight?
How many calories in BarleyGreen?
Can I use BarleyGreen for fasting?

Safety & BarleyGreen

Will BarleyGreen upset my stomach?
Is maltodextrin bad?
Can I overdose on BarleyGreen?

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