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Keeping Barleygreen

Q: Will BarleyGreen stay fresh after opening?
A: Yes. The maltodextrin acts as a protective carrier to keep the barley grass from oxidizing or spoiling, which preserves the integrity of these elements until dissolved and released in liquid.
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Q: Where should I store BarleyGreen?
A: As BarleyGreen should be kept away from moisture and sunlight, it should be stored in its own jar in your cupboard with the lid fastened securely. We do not recommend storing BarleyGreen in the refrigerator where condensation could cause nutrients to oxidize and break down.
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Q: Can I make up a large amount of BarleyGreen and keep it in the refrigerator?
A: No, live nutrients are released when BarleyGreen is mixed with the proper liquids and should be taken no more than 20 minutes or so after preparation. When live nutrients are no longer protected either by fiber or by maltodextrin, they will begin to oxidize and "die." BarleyGreen should be taken immediately after preparation in order to receive the maximum amount of nutritional benefit.
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Q: How long does BarleyGreen retain its value?
A: BarleyGreen, like all our products, has a shelf life of 3 years.
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