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Questions to Ask Barleygreen

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Who is the scientist or researcher behind the product?  What scientific papers have they published on barleygrass juice extracts?  Over the years, many claim to have developed a better product but none have stood the test of time.  Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, MD.  Over 30 years of scientific research in barleygrass juice extract.  Published hundreds of scientific papers on barleygrass juice extract. 


Does the color look similar to barleygrass juice or the grass itself?  The bright green is the active chlorophyll.  A darker color results when the product starts oxidizing just like an apple start turning brown when you cut it in half.  Laboratory methods used for measuring the levels of chlorophyll do not typically distinguish between fresh (active) and denatured (inactive) chlorophyll. Barleygreen is bright vibrant green similar to the fresh barleygrass in the fields. 


How many years does that company have processing barleygrass juice into powder?  Many companies claim to have a new better process yet they've been doing it less than a year. Dr. Hagiwara & company have been doing it over 20 years.  Every day they're still learning and refining their processes.  Barleygreen has been the industry leader for over 20 years because they understand how to drying the barleygrass juice into powder  without damaging the delicate valuable nutrients.


How does it taste?  Some barley powder have an unpleasant bitter taste.  Usually the bitter taste results from inexperience in processing.  The product is being burned during an inadequately controlled spray-drying process.  Unfortunately, burned green powder is known to contain several types of carcinogens. Today, Barleygreen rarely experiences that bitter taste.  When the company first started, they did experience similiar problems. 

Today, Barleygreen tastes great.


What is the alkalinity of the product?  Many Barley products are around 6.7.  A low pH indicates the product has been oxidized. Barleygreen pH is 7.0.  Products less than 7.0 are rejected and disposed of.


Is the product labeled organic?  Many companies claim to be organic but why isn't this reflected on the label?  Anyone can make a verbal claim. Barleygreen label say "Organic"


Are chemicals used in granulating the powder?  Many companies cannot label their product organic because chemicals are used in processing even though they are using organic barley leaves.  Barleygreen is labeled organic.  No chemicals are used in processing.


Does the company reference Dr. Hagiwara's research in promoting their product?  All the research studies were using Barleygreen powder or juice.  Most barley powders are very different from Barleygreen and have NO relation with Dr. Hagiwara's process.  It's false and misleading for companies to reference Dr. Hagiwara's research and claim their product will produce the same benefit and more. Barleygreen is the only product that was used in Dr. Hagiwara's scientific research.


For over 20 years, Barleygreen has been the trusted industry leader in Green Juice powder.  Don't be fooled by imitations or copycat products.  Accept no substitute.   Ask for Dr. Hagiwara's

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